How Does Game Optimization Work?

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Game optimization is one of the major terms being tossed around everywhere by game developers and gamers! You might have heard it several times from a streamer, a game developer, or a friend obsessed with video games! But what is it? Why is it important? And how does it work? What is game optimization? Game … Read more

How To Become A Game Designer Without A Degree?

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Getting involved in the process of making video games is a dream to a lot of people, especially those who enjoy playing video games. Since game design doesn’t require coding, and is generally the area where creativity is involved, it is the first choice that comes to mind to a lot of video games fans. … Read more

Alpha And Beta Stages Of Game Development Explained

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A large video game project usually lasts for several years before it gets officially released as a “Complete Product”. To keep track of the progress and the “Maturity” of the project, game development studios divide the project into different “phases or stages”. Alpha and beta are some of the stages that a game development project … Read more