Best Operating System For Game Development


Deciding what operating system to use for game development will depend on the tools/software that you need and their compatibility with the different operating systems out there. Another factor that is generally considered is the “target platforms”. Are you planning to launch your game on the desktop? Mobile? Consoles? If you are not sure about … Read more

Is Java Good For Game Development?


If you are already a Java developer, or you’re a Minecraft fan who has played the Java edition for a thousand hours, and you’re hoping that Java is a good language for game development, I hate to break it to you but Java is generally not the best option when it comes to game development. … Read more

Best Game Engine For Non Programmers

Girl Programming

As the years go by, game development gets more and more accessible to people. As of today, it is even possible to build video games without even having to learn how to code. Game engines like Unreal, Unity, Godot and others have “Visual Scripting” features that allow you to create the logic of your game … Read more

Best Game Engine For Solo Developers

Laptop and controller

As a solo game developer, your time, resources, and skills are limited compared to those of large teams. You do not have the luxury of dividing tasks among different team members, since you’re the only member in the team. With that said, you’ll need to pick a game engine that can help you achieve the … Read more

Is the Blender Game Engine Good for Game Development?


Choosing the right tools to create your dream game is extremely important. Picking the wrong game engine for your project can increase the chances of failure by a huge factor. There are many available options these days when it comes to game engines, and one of these options is (or was) the Blender game engine, … Read more

Algebra In Video Games

Algebra board

Algebra is heavily used in the process of making video games. Elementary Algebra, Linear Algebra, and other forms of Algebra are needed to build most of the video games that you play. In this article, I will be listing some of the major game development areas that require algebra, and hopefully give you an idea … Read more

The Use of Calculus in Video Games


Math is one of the foundations of video games. To put it in simple words. No Math = No Game development. However, math is very diverse and has a lot of  branches. Some of these branches are extremely important to video games while others are rarely needed. Where does calculus stand on this spectrum though? … Read more

Can You Make 3D Games With Python?

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If you are already a Python developer, or you’ve been told that Python is an easy language to learn, then you might be tempted to use Python for 3D game development. However, if you want to build your dream game, it is important that you take some time to learn the tools that are most … Read more

Best Language For 3D Game Development

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There are hundreds of computer languages out there that can do all sorts of things. Picking one of them for a generic task can be a bit confusing. However, when it comes to 3D game development, picking the best language is actually straight forward.  Throughout the article, I’ll be trying to convince you to go … Read more