How Long Does It Take to Make A Game in Unity?

I googled this exact same question the first time I wanted to start my game development journey! I wanted to know exactly how much time it would take me to create and publish my “brilliant one million dollars idea”. I think you can guess how that turned out for me!! After years of learning how … Read more

Are Video Games Getting Worse?

2 people playing a video game

Whether video games are getting worse or not comes down to everyone’s personal preferences.  That said, I will be stating just another opinion (mine) in this article, and I will be sharing some thoughts about the matter from the game development perspective. Are video games getting worse? No. Video games are actually generally getting better. … Read more

What Are Game Jams?


We, as human beings, tend to turn anything into a competition. It is in our nature. Competing over who makes a better video game is no exception. That is what a game jam is all about… Game jams are competitions held between game creators. Game developers, designers, artists, and other people team up together to … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Become a Game Developer?

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One of the first things that I did when I decided I wanted to pursue game development was to ask Google how long it will take me to learn game development. And here I am, after 4 years of making video games, answering that question to whoever is interested in game development as their career … Read more

What Degree Do You Need To Be A Game Developer?


To build a video game, people from different educational backgrounds come together to work and coordinate till they get the product out. Engineers, designers, artists, writers, and people from other disciplines too are needed to build relatively large video games. While all of these people are “game developers” in the technical sense since they are … Read more

Computer Science In Gaming

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I studied computer science for 3 years to get my degree. I also started my game development journey during that period, and the one thing that I can tell you confidently is that computer science is deeply rooted in game development. Computer science is an essential part of gaming. Algorithms, data structures, complexities and optimizations, … Read more

12 Game Development Concepts For General Knowledge

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If you are looking to become a game developer, or if you just want to know more about game development in general, this article will give you an idea about a number of random concepts that are directly related to game development. The concepts will just be things that game developers generally have to deal … Read more

Is Game Development Hard

Game development struggle

As a gamer, knowing how hard it is to make some of your favorite video games can help you appreciate the games that you play even more.  If you’re considering becoming a game developer yourself, and you’re wondering how difficult that would be, this article is also for you. The game development difficulty level ranges … Read more

Is Game Development Fun?

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I have asked a large number of game developers that I know the same question. It just became a habit for me. I would ask them “What made you choose game development”? Many of the answers were that they just enjoyed playing video games and they thought that game development would be a fun career … Read more

Is Indie Game Development Worth It?

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Whether you’re planning to start your new indie game development journey, or whether you’re already in the middle of building the next Minecraft, you’ve probably asked yourself a million times:  Is this all worth it? Is indie game development worth it? I would say there is no right or wrong answer to such a question. … Read more