Is the Blender Game Engine Good for Game Development?

Choosing the right tools to create your dream game is extremely important. Picking the wrong game engine for your project can increase the chances of failure by a huge factor.

There are many available options these days when it comes to game engines, and one of these options is (or was) the Blender game engine, but is it any good? Is it a good idea to use the Blender game engine to create serious and commercial games?

The Blender game engine is not a good option at all for serious game development. Compared to other popular game engines (Like Unity, Unreal, Godot, and others), the Blender game engine is slow, lacks many features, and is outdated as it has been shut down a few years ago.

So in short, if you are looking to pursue game development as your career choice, or you’re planning your next video game and you’re debating which game engine you should use, then I would suggest that you do not even consider the Blender game engine as an option.

The lack of maintainability is an enough reason to not use the Blender game engine as your main development tool.

What is the Blender game engine good for?

If you ask me for my personal opinion, I would say it’s useless as of today, however, it does have some use cases that you might consider useful depending on your situation.

For example, if you are a hobbyist who just wants to create games for fun, then what tools you pick don’t really matter as long as you are enjoying your time and you’re making some progress. 

The Blender game engine has some visual scripting capabilities, and that means that you don’t need to know coding to be able to create some fun mechanics with it.

Other game engines also have added the visual scripting option for non coders. However, some people might still decide to go for the Blender game engine as hobbyists since Blender is open source (I personally wouldn’t suggest that though)

Another good usage of the Blender game engine is quick prototyping. Let’s say that you use Blender to create 3D assets for your game (unlike the Blender game engine, Blender for asset creation is a powerful tool).

Instead of having to keep exporting your creations to other game engines, you could use the Blender game engine for testing your models and seeing how they act in the environments that you’re planning for your game. You can do that directly inside Blender.

Though if you are planning to use the newest versions of Blender (which is generally a good idea since you’ll get the new features), then this might not be an option anymore since the Blender game engine has been removed from the new versions of Blender.

Can you still make games with the Blender game engine?

Yes, you can still use the Blender game engine. To be able to do that, you will have to get the older versions of Blender since the new ones do not contain the game engine anymore (versions 2.8 onwards do not have it).

However, as mentioned previously in this article, you are better off without it. Game engines like Unity, Unreal and Godot are much better options even if you are just a hobbyist who wants to make games for fun.

If your hobby turns into a profession one day, your attempts to make games in powerful game engines will pay off as it can count as a great learning experience.

If you put all your efforts into a game engine that isn’t maintainable anymore however, then you will have to start from scratch when you start thinking of game development as your career choice (probably not from scratch, but you’ll definitely have to get used to the new engine that you choose)


While the Blender game engine was a great attempt to provide game developers with great tools to make their jobs easier, unfortunately, it didn’t work out as it was originally planned, and the engine was even dropped from the new Blender versions.

With that said, I would suggest that you go look somewhere else when it comes to game engines. 

I personally have been using Unity as my primary game engine, and I would highly recommend it to any new game developer. Other excellent game engines are Unreal and Godot. Which one you go for will depend on what your game needs.

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