Computer Science In Gaming

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I studied computer science for 3 years to get my degree. I also started my game development journey during that period, and the one thing that I can tell you confidently is that computer science is deeply rooted in game development. Computer science is an essential part of gaming. Algorithms, data structures, complexities and optimizations, … Read more

12 Game Development Concepts For General Knowledge

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If you are looking to become a game developer, or if you just want to know more about game development in general, this article will give you an idea about a number of random concepts that are directly related to game development. The concepts will just be things that game developers generally have to deal … Read more

What Does A Lead Game Designer Do?

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Game design is one of the major roles required to build a successful video game.  Game designers are responsible for making decisions about every aspect of the game. From how the world is laid out, to how game progression works, to small things like how the character jumps and so on. How is the “Lead … Read more

How To Become A Game Designer Without A Degree?

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Getting involved in the process of making video games is a dream to a lot of people, especially those who enjoy playing video games. Since game design doesn’t require coding, and is generally the area where creativity is involved, it is the first choice that comes to mind to a lot of video games fans. … Read more

Does Game Design Require Math?

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While math is heavily involved in the process of making video games, there are certain aspects of video game creation that either require a little bit of math skills, or no math skills at all. Where does game design stand on this spectrum? Being a game designer is a dream job for many gamers. If … Read more

Alpha And Beta Stages Of Game Development Explained

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A large video game project usually lasts for several years before it gets officially released as a “Complete Product”. To keep track of the progress and the “Maturity” of the project, game development studios divide the project into different “phases or stages”. Alpha and beta are some of the stages that a game development project … Read more

Is Game Development Hard

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As a gamer, knowing how hard it is to make some of your favorite video games can help you appreciate the games that you play even more.  If you’re considering becoming a game developer yourself, and you’re wondering how difficult that would be, this article is also for you. The game development difficulty level ranges … Read more

Is Java Good For Game Development?


If you are already a Java developer, or you’re a Minecraft fan who has played the Java edition for a thousand hours, and you’re hoping that Java is a good language for game development, I hate to break it to you but Java is generally not the best option when it comes to game development. … Read more

Best Game Engine For Non Programmers

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As the years go by, game development gets more and more accessible to people. As of today, it is even possible to build video games without even having to learn how to code. Game engines like Unreal, Unity, Godot and others have “Visual Scripting” features that allow you to create the logic of your game … Read more

Best Game Engine For Solo Developers

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As a solo game developer, your time, resources, and skills are limited compared to those of large teams. You do not have the luxury of dividing tasks among different team members, since you’re the only member in the team. With that said, you’ll need to pick a game engine that can help you achieve the … Read more