How Long Does It Take to Make A Game in Unity?

I googled this exact same question the first time I wanted to start my game development journey! I wanted to know exactly how much time it would take me to create and publish my “brilliant one million dollars idea”. I think you can guess how that turned out for me!! After years of learning how … Read more

How Does Game Optimization Work?

Laptop and controller

Game optimization is one of the major terms being tossed around everywhere by game developers and gamers! You might have heard it several times from a streamer, a game developer, or a friend obsessed with video games! But what is it? Why is it important? And how does it work? What is game optimization? Game … Read more

What is the Future of Video Games Graphics?


Isn’t it insane how much video games graphics improved over the last decades? If you were magically able to go back in time 30 years ago, and show the world the insane graphics of Horizon Forbidden West for example, they would probably think you’ve got access to some alien technology. But it doesn’t end here. … Read more

Are Video Games Getting Worse?

2 people playing a video game

Whether video games are getting worse or not comes down to everyone’s personal preferences.  That said, I will be stating just another opinion (mine) in this article, and I will be sharing some thoughts about the matter from the game development perspective. Are video games getting worse? No. Video games are actually generally getting better. … Read more

What Are Game Jams?


We, as human beings, tend to turn anything into a competition. It is in our nature. Competing over who makes a better video game is no exception. That is what a game jam is all about… Game jams are competitions held between game creators. Game developers, designers, artists, and other people team up together to … Read more

What Is A Gameplay Programmer?

Gameplay programmers

Engineers, artists, designers, musicians, writers, testers and others work together to bring a video game to life. Each of these departments can also branch out into more dedicated roles. The Engineering department for example branches out into gameplay programmers, engine programmers, AI programmers, UI programmers and so on. Our interest in this article is all … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Become a Game Developer?

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One of the first things that I did when I decided I wanted to pursue game development was to ask Google how long it will take me to learn game development. And here I am, after 4 years of making video games, answering that question to whoever is interested in game development as their career … Read more

How Does Game Testing Work?

2 people playing a video game

How cool would it be to play video games all day and then get paid for it? That would be amazing wouldn’t it? Does working as a game tester allow you to do just that? Well technically yes, but it won’t be as exciting as you might initially think. Game testers do a lot more … Read more

Best Operating System For Game Development


Deciding what operating system to use for game development will depend on the tools/software that you need and their compatibility with the different operating systems out there. Another factor that is generally considered is the “target platforms”. Are you planning to launch your game on the desktop? Mobile? Consoles? If you are not sure about … Read more

What Degree Do You Need To Be A Game Developer?


To build a video game, people from different educational backgrounds come together to work and coordinate till they get the product out. Engineers, designers, artists, writers, and people from other disciplines too are needed to build relatively large video games. While all of these people are “game developers” in the technical sense since they are … Read more